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Leading knowledge in start-up-planning (business concept, product positioning, marketing & strategy) in sustainable innovations, clean-tech and clean services.
Access to clean technologies, companies & renewable energy solutions from Germany (photovolatic, wind, biogas, geothermal, solar sea water desalination/purification...).

eBook "
Success factors of sustainable innovations (German)" - looking inside into the emerging market of the green economy.

How to become successful with sustainable innovations: what You should know (knowledge from the world leading clean-tech market Germany)
Why do some markets for sustainable products grow while others stagnate or flop? Why do some companies thrive in these markets, while others fail? Why do some projects perform while others flop? A great technology is not enough.
And what about your projects?
Do You know what matters, what is right and important, what is wrong? Do you have a good strategy? Especially at the beginning of a start-up conceptual thinking is required, which considers the key factors and includes a working strategy. This requires experience, knowledge, skill, proper tools and a good network. And you need even more if you want to win a bank or an investor. The biggest mistake is often the belief you would know everything ...

Strategies for sustainable innovations in start-ups, mid-sized companies and large corporations
We deliver research, planning, hands-on-implementation and controlling for sustainable innovations in the clean-tech (green-tech)-area (solar, wind, biogas, eMobility, new substances) as well as access to technologies, companies and investors.

Two decades of experience in sustainable innovations
Today, when many people talk about the green boom markets, we are happy. We support this process for almost 20 years and accelerate sustainable innovation as Start-Up-Manager/Coachs, market researcher or project developer. We know what we are talking about when it comes to sustainable innovations.

Scientific know-how: nothing is more practical than a good theory
Institute sounds like science and theory. And in fact, the Institute is a spinoff from the University of Augsburg. In a knowledge economy knowledge is the key to success. Practical science can be incredibly useful by in-depth knowledge - rather than fashions or opinions. Make no mistake. Scientifically based advice must cost no more or need no more time than other advice. We have found that in practice there is a lot of "theorizing" and fantasizing. Our recommendation: prefer to use in-depth knowledge.

Dipl.oec. S.Brückl was lecturer for Start-Up and Innovation Management at the University of applied sciences Landshut as well as at the University of Augsburg. He lectured at the Management-Centre St.Gallen, was Special Guest of the week for ten years at the Controller-Akademy AG (Gauting) and is lecturing in Japan.
Prof.Ph.D. M.Shresta is Professor for strategic management at the Konan Universität in Kobe/Japan and visiting professor at Stanford University (U.S.-Asia Technology Management Center).
The right tools: leading IT-know-how for innovations
We use leading software:
- Marktet leader Corporate-Planner: a corporate planning- und controlling-tool for professional business-plans and reports
- PRUV: fora assessing the probaibility of success of new products
- "Sensitivity-modell Prof.Vester": a fuzzy-logic cybernetic/systems dynamics tool for holistic analysis and strategy development .

Excellent network: to companies, investors and insiders
We have an excellent network in the sustainability sector, access to product developers with a highly innovative product concepts, industry insiders and observers.
Our financing partners can be found for example
in the Fuerstenberg-Forum ( For technology analysis, we have partners such as the NIH (National Institutes of Health), NSF (National Science Foundation), Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Cornell University, Fraunhofer / Steinbeis , ISIS / Oxford, Cambridge Enterprise, JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, University of Osaka, Nagoya University, Kyushu University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, naist (Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), Konan University, CSIR / India (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), IITs ​​(Indian Institute of Technology), Nepal: NAST (Nepal Association of Science and Technology), Kathmandu University ...
So if you are looking for technologies: many have already been developed. We have access to exceptional technologies and its inventors. If You look for existing companies and contacts: contact us.

Performance: successul implementation and high reputation
We have implementes
sustainable innovation for start-ups, businesses, municipalities, ministries and organizations. We were invited twice even in the early 90s to the UN. The project "Wood Innovation Centre" in Zeltweg/Austria co-initiated by us won the National Award "factory of the future" of the BMVIT (2001) and was presented as model project twice at the OECD (2001, 2002). The co-ordinated project "Alpine Pearls" was awarded  "CSR Mobility Award for environmentally conscious business" (2008) by the journal "The Mobility Manager" (DMM), the German Working Group for Environmentally Aware Management Association (BAUM) and the Traffic Club Germany eV (VCD).

Links to some projects we were involved
Wood innovation centre:

...or are still involved...
Substitute to rain-forrest timber products:


eBook "Success factors (German)" - An analysis of more than 60 industry studies and additional studies at the corporate level (of sustainability champions). Here you will find a large pool of influencing factors,  the evolution of products (development), suppliers and the demand side. The study is supplemented by state of the knowledge in the field of innovation management and the prospects for the markets at the "bottom of the pyramid", which have many similarities to the early stages of the sustainability markets. You will not find a comparable wide-ranging and deep study on sustainable innovations. And if - please let us know.
Sustainable Innovations" - PPT-Presentation on sustainable innovations: necessities, market developments, drivers, barriers and next generation clean products.

Confidence: Sustainability is a long-term concern of the SI
When we founded the institute two decades ago with the idea to make profits with green ideas people laughed on that idea or thought that is nonsense. We got active indeed. Because the issue is important to us.
A loss - this commitment was often paid poorly. With profits - of knowledge, experience, contacts - which is now estimated. Clean Technologies are now unstoppable. And we want to help entrepreneurs and businesses
to become successful with sustainable products - with our knowledge.

We love to help
Dipl.oec.Univ. Stephan S.Brückl: Mobil: 0049 170 5219984

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